Fundraising from Travel Cashback

Simply Tweet: @charityibonus #join

Quick Manual

Complete Functional Commands

#Paypal – Assign your PayPal account to receive payment if funding exceeds US$ 100.

Example:  @charityibonus  #paypal  your_PayPal_account_address

#Fund – Check the fund that available to be collected

Example:  @charityibonus  #fund

#Join – This is the first command to join our program. A hyperlink with a QR code will be replied in a minute. You can use this link to your favorite travel booking sites and earn cashback.

Example:  @charityibonus  #join

#Assign – transfer your cashback to a beneficiary, it will take place in 24 hours.

Example:  @charityibonus  #assign  @beneficiary

#Help – Get complete  menu

Example:  @charityibonus  #help

#Travel – Get a list of available hotels and airlines booking sites.

Example:  @charityibonus  #Travel

#Terms – Get  terms and conditions of using our program

Example:  @charityibonus  #terms


#Receipt – to add receipt information to claim cash back from in-store merchant.  #receipt followed by Transaction ID, $Amount , @merchant

Example: @charityibonus #receipt 13AF748 $12.88 @McDonalds


User Terms & Conditions:

  1. Cashback is calculated and paid by our merchant partner.  The % amount and the payback period can be found on our partner section.
  2. CharityiBonus will charge 20% of the Cash Back for online merchant and 25% for in-store merchants
  3. The cash back currency for an online merchant is normally in USD, and the cash back currency for an in-store merchant is normally in local currency.
  4. CharityiBonus will pay to the beneficiary when the fund is over USD 100 or defined by the beneficiary.
  5. There will be foreign exchange rate cost, cost of wiring money to different countries, or transaction cost charged by Paypal.
  6. CharityiBonus will not be responsible for the failure of cashback payment from merchants if occurs.