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World No.1 Community Crowdfunding Platform based on Cash Back from airline & hotel booking instead of donation.


  • CharityiBonus is a unique community crowdfunding platform provides recurrent cashback from airline & hotel booking.
  • Join our platform which has users with 10,000,000 followers
  • US patent pending US 62/454,906
  • Simply posting tweets to participate our system without a need of complicated sign up or login/password.
  • Our system is uniquely design to get viral on Twitter/Weibo network for our participants.
  • It is scalable with exponential growth and expected to reach $46 Billion gross profit in 5 years.

The platform

  • We have invented and developed a Community Crowdfunding Platform based on Twitter.
  • US patent pending US 62/454,906
  • Simply posting a message with # command, User or any organization can freely join our system to enjoy cash back from online merchants and in-store merchants

{ @charityibonus #join @anycommunity }

  • The key advantages of our system:
              • No extra login
              • No complication sign up procedures
              • No password

Get cashback from online travel or shopping sites

  • User can find out the hyperlink to travel sites by posting

{ @charityibonus #travel }

  • Our system will provide you a hyper link https://t.co/SYS1in0UmR for travel site. When you book ticket or hotel thru the link to the travel site, 1-5% of cash will be paid to your chosen @community.
  • We have currently signed up with Ctrip, Expedia, Booking.com, Hotels.com, CheapAir.com

Viral Effect

  • Individual user can choose which charity or community will receive the cash back by posting a tweet

{@charityibonus #join @hongkongfhy },

  • This message will be seen by followers of



@individual user

  • It will be a multiply effect of Number of Tweets x million followers of Unicef.
  • Each million followers of Unicef retweets, it will be billions of tweets or advertisment on social media.

Market Positioning

  • Our niche is a fusion of two platforms: Crowdfunding and Cashback on-line/off-line affiliate programs. It provides recurrent funding from cashback instead of donation.
  • Gofundme made $3 Billion fund raising with 1 million fund raisers in 3 years tops the crowdfunding platforms. Like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, they provide short term funding from donations.
  • Cashback from on-line affiliate program focus just on saving from on-line purchase. Focus on individual saving and no viral effect.

Our target audiences

  1. Individual: who want to contribute to any community group, fans club, or charity
  2. Individual with cause: to raise money for sustainable need.
  3. Small local community group, Alumni, Interest group: funding by few individuals.
  4. Large community and charity organizations: which rely mainly on donation.
  5. Fan Clubs and Celebrities: who have a lot of followers, but have not done any kind of fund raising or donation.
  6. Retailer: where there are no affiliate program available in the market.