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Nationwide Community Crowdfunding

Create Cashback Program at Retail Nationwide


Our system can offer cashback program logistics for retail merchants.

  • Cashback based on the QR code of receipt which contains transaction information.
  • Example: { @charityibonus #receipt @foodhk 54753 $634.57 }


  • Users can scan and tweet to send cashback (x%) to support the party.
  • Cashback is from the retail merchants and not from the user.
  • The branding of the off-line merchant will go viral. Each tweet will be seen by the followers of the user and the followers of the retail merchant. It is a multiplying effect!

Cashback @ Retail Flow Diagram


Retail Cashback Flow

Crowdfunding Financial Projection


  • GDP per capita for a Country A is about US$ 72,700 per year
  • Assumed retail merchant networks can cover all walks of life in that Country A.
  • 5% cashback will equate to 5% x US$ 72,700 =US$3,635 per year
  • Country A has a population close to 10 million.
  • 5 million participants (half of the population) will generate close to US$ 18B annual income.
  • The annual income can be redistributed to its Charity Organizations based on their users’ contribution
  • Or, the income can be simply distributed to different fundings for different purposes such as young people venture funds, health care funds, education funds, etc.


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