Fundraising from Travel Cashback

Simply Tweet: @charityibonus #join


Retailer can participate this program by offering cash back based on its official receipt and user can claim the cash back simply posting the receipt information.


The benefits to the Retailer:

  • No software/hardware investment. User simply enters receipt info on twitter

Brand viral thru social media when receipts entered by users

  • 1 million receipts equals to more than $ 1 billion advertisement fees

Retailer can participate in the following steps:

  • Retailer needs Twitter account
  • Need to setup an agreement with us stating the cash back % (say 1%) and the payment period (say 30 days).
  • Every month, we will send the Retailer a list of receipts with transaction ID and $ amount. Retailer will verify and pay against it.
  • Retailer can also incorporate the receipt info into QR code, so that customer does not have to input information manually on Twitter.

#receipt QR code