Travel more and feel good doing it !

Community Fundraising based on Cashback. Simply a Tweet: @charityibonus #join


“Travel More and Feel Good Doing it !”

Instead of making a donation to the charity or nonprofit organizations, they can now receive cash back while you make regular hotels and air tickets booking.

  • Same website, same pricing
  • No complicated signup, no extra login, no password.
  • Simply tweet a message to join the program

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How it works:

  • You need your own Twitter account to start.
  • Join our program simply by tweeting to us: @charityibonus #join @yourbenenficaryaccount.
  • Where  @yourbenenficaryaccount is your beneficiary organization. This organization may not necessarily be a registered or tax-exempted organization as long as it has a Twitter account.
  • You will be replied with a link to the most popular sites such as Ctrip,, Expedia, Use this link to these sites to book hotels or air tickets, your beneficiary will receive cashback from 1-5%.
  • Same website, same pricing, no extra login
  • to learn more, please also see our quick menu


Here is the most completed list of non-profit organizations with Twitter accout in the US.

  • please note that these organization may not have joined our program
  • These organizations can always claim their funding anytime using their own Twitter account.
  • You can set your beneficiary by clicking the “beneficiary” next to your favorite non-profit organization.
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