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Instead of relying on short-term donation, why not try to get an alternative long-term cashback resource from your supporters. A thousand supporters can generate tens of thousand dollar cash back from travel booking.


How it works:

Join our program and obtain your promotion link.

If your supporters use your link for travel booking with the following sites, you will get cashback from 1-5%.

travel sites

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Example: Brazilian Soccer School in Hong Kong (Promotion Link)


To join our program,

No need to be a registered community. Just register a Twitter account with a meaningful name to start.

There is absolutely no fee or hidden charge. Simply tweet to us: @charityibonus #join

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CharityiBonus Flow:

Step 0: Need a Twitter account: If you don’t have one, need to open an account with a meaningful name.

Step 1: Tweet: @charityibonus #join

Step 2: Your link & QR code: our system will reply you with your link and QR code.

Step 3: Use this link to popular travel sites and make a booking, 1-5% cashback will be earned afterward.

Step 4: Promote your link or QR code: 1000 supporters can earn $100,000 per year on average.

Step 5: Tweet us your PayPal account to receive your earning: @charityibonus #paypal your_paypal_account

CharityiBonus Flow