Poland’s ‘golden age’ of economic growth

Euronews June 2019

During the current global economic slowdown, Poland stands out as a European growth champion. With an uninterrupted pace of high growth averaging 4.2% per annum between 1992-2019, Poland is steadily catching up and has become the seventh-largest economy in the EU.

Large Domestic Market

Unlike the Czech Republic’s dependence on Germany, the strength and resilience of the Polish economy can be attributed to its large domestic market.

A vibrant entrepreneurial landscape of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) benefiting from a large domestic market and strong competitive advantages in neighboring.

The inflow of Labour Force

Unlike the shrinking population in the Eastern Bloc countries, large inflows of immigrants from Ukraine and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries have supported the labor market.

Wealth Distribution and Income Inequality by Country 2018


wealth distribution - Poland

Poland has a relatively high gap between rich & poor in the Eastern Bloc.


Problems faced by youth in today’s Poland

Voice of Youth, April 2019

The country’s unemployment is 4%, whereas that of youth is at 12%.

Despite that over 80% of students in my country acquire higher education, many employers fail to give those of my kind a chance to prove their potential. Unlike other European countries in which new graduates are absorbed into the workforce almost as soon as they step out of school.

Youth in Poland also face a lot of challenges in their quest to access financial resources. The majority of financial institutions in my country shy away from lending youth money because of their inability to pay for the high costs of the transaction, lack of financial documentation and the difficulty in managing their risks profile.

Religion in Poland

Poland is widely a religious country and has instituted the right to freedom of religion. The largest religion in Poland is Roman Catholicism, a community with a culture of charity donation.

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity has raised over 250 million euro

tvn24.pl Jan. 2020

Jurek Owsiak

On Sunday, 12th January 2020, Poland’s biggest charity – the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity – will hold its annual Grand Finale Fundraiser for the 28th time. Since its launch in 1993, the charity has raised over 250 million euro (over 1.1 billion zlotych), and donated over 61.900 pieces of medical equipment to hospitals, clinics, and hospices.

Community Crowdfunding for the Youth

If the funding can be coming from cashback from merchants such as people eating out every day, buying out every day.

The mathematics:

  • As an example, GDP per capita for Poland is about US$ 15,049 per year https://data.worldbank.org
  • Assumed retail merchant networks can cover all walks of life in Poland.
  • 5% cashback will equate to 5% x US$ 15,049 =US$752 per year
  • Poland has a population of 38 million. If they all participate, it will generate cashback close to US$ 28 B annually.

The funding can be used for young people development such as:

  • Small business enterprise funds
  • Young people venture funds
  • Education funds
  • Technology venture funds



Poland has a strong domestic market that can support a good community crowdfunding program.

Young people are the future hope and more resources can help to develop new ventures and the new economy of Poland.

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