The Czech Republic, the first former Eastern Bloc state to acquire the status of a developed economy. It emerged from over 40 years of Communist rule in 1990. A remarkable achievement.

The Czech Republic is by far the most successful in fighting against poverty across EU member states June 2018

The Czech Republic is the EU champion, where the risk of poverty and social inclusion accounts to around 12.2% in 2018.

For reference, the indicator was 15.3% of the total population in 2008. Czechia outruns Finland by more than 3.5%, Slovakia is with 16.3% share and the numbers increase in other member states, until the peak of 38.9% in Bulgaria, 35.7% in Romania and 34.8% in Greece.

Wealth Distribution and Income Inequality by Country 2018


wealth distribution - Czech

Czech Republic has remarkable success in terms of a small gap between rich & poor but the highest GDP in Eastern Europe.

The Czech Republic – a dream destination for your investments


The Czech Republic is one of the most successful European countries in terms of attracting foreign direct investment from American companies.

Site Selection Global Report 2018 ranks the Czech Republic among the best country for business in Central and Eastern Europe.

At the same time, the Czech Republic has a rich scientific tradition as well as extremely high-quality human resources and well-developed R&D infrastructure.

According to The World Bank, the Czech Republic is ranked 30 out of 189 countries throughout the world in 2018 “Ease of Doing Business.“

What can the Czech Republic improve next?

The Czech Republic is the factory of Germany which is the economic powerhouse of the world.

The Czech Republic should develop its own innovative industry and reduce its dependency on Germany. This will require more funding through tax or community crowdfunding.

Czechs donated over eight billion crowns to charity in 2018

charity donation czech

Czechs donated eight billion crowns (about US$344 million) to charity in 2018, according to a report released by the Czech Donors Forum this week. It also suggests that an increasing number of people prefer to donate money online.

Community Crowdfunding

If the funding can be coming from cashback from merchants such as people eating out every day, buying out every day.

The mathematics:

  • As an example, GDP per capita for the Czech Republic is about US$ 21,707 per year
  • Assumed retail merchant networks can cover all walks of life in the Czech Republic.
  • 5% cashback will equate to 5% x US$ 21,707 =US$1,085 per year
  • The Czech Republic has a population of 10.65 million. If they all participate, it will generate cashback close to US$ 12 B annually.

The funding can be used for young people development such as:

  • Small business enterprise funds
  • Young people venture funds
  • Education funds
  • Technology venture funds



The Czech Republic has made a remarkable economic achievement as well as a small gap between the rich and the poor.

With the help of the local community through community crowdfunding, more resources can be developed for young people and their new ventures.

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