Giving Market – Statistics & Facts 2019

More than 1.5 million non-profit organizations in the US and are competing for the $427 Billion donations in 2017 with only 6.7% annual growth.

Online travel market – Statistics & Facts 2019

In the US, 60 million people book hotels and air tickets online with a total sales of $192 billion in 2017 with 14% annual growth. On average, each person spent $3,200 annually.

Cashback Program for On-line travel booking

For each person participates in an online travel cashback program with about 3.5% average cashback, it will be $112 cashback per person.

1,000 supporters will bring $112,000 annually; 10,000 supporters will bring …

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CharityiBonus provides an easy way for non-profits to earn cashback while their supporters travel.

There is absolutely no setup or monthly fee!

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