Trump releases $4.8-trillion budget plan that boosts defense and cuts social programs

The Trump Budget cuts Medicaid by nearly $1.5 trillion

Trump cut medicaid

In 2028 alone, Medicaid will be cut by nearly $248 billion, or 35 percent – enough to
eliminate coverage for 29 million people, including 5.5 million children and 12 million
people with disabilities.

10 Things to Know about Medicaid: Setting the Facts Straight

  1. Medicaid is the nation’s public health insurance program for people with low income
  2. Medicaid is structured as a federal-state partnership
  3. Medicaid coverage has evolved over time
  4. Medicaid covers 1 in 5 Americans and serves diverse populations
  5. Medicaid covers a broad range of health and long-term care services
  6. Most Medicaid enrollees get care through private managed care plans
  7. Medicaid facilitates access to care
  8. Medicaid is jointly financed by states and the federal government
  9. Medicaid spending is concentrated on the elderly and people with disabilities
  10. The majority of the public holds favorable views of Medicaid


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Community Fundraising thru Donation

Americans gave $427.71 billion to charity in 2018 with only 0.7% growth from 2017
Source: Giving USA 2019

With this small growth rate, the expected donation in 2028 will not exceed $600 billion.

However, there are more than 1.5 million non-profit organizations in the US already competing for the lump sum.


Community Fundraising thru Cashback


In 2017, online travel booking for North America is $190 billion and we can expect more than 80% is from the US. Therefore, online travel booking is about $152 billion.

With a growth rate of 12% annually, the US online travel booking will reach $500 billion in 2028.

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The Medicaid program, which is a form of social welfare, provides access to affordable health insurance to those who meet select criteria.

While the program may be beneficial, there are also drawbacks, especially it costs trillions of tax dollars.

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