We will assume that social media is simply tweeting messages and it will run itself. In fact, it will require a multifaceted strategy for spreading your message and getting the attention of your audience.

Here are some examples of the best nonprofit twitter accounts and what makes them so great.

Creative Content

There is no doubt that good content is the primary key in Twitter marketing.
These nonprofits have been consistently doing a good job at sharing stories and information which make an impact.

  • World Wildlife Fund (@WWF)


  • CARE (@CARE)



Amplifying Message

Twitter is uniquely positioned to take your conversation to the next level. These nonprofits are great examples of leveraging Twitter as a social sounding board for their causes.

  • Clean Air in London (@CleanAirLondon)


  • MassEquality (@MassEquality)



Effective Fundraising

Nonprofits are seeing the benefits rallying their bases on Twitter to collect donations. Learn a valuable lesson from these nonprofits: fundraising can be creative.

  • Red Cross Los Angeles (@RedCrossLA)


  • Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth (@hongkongfhy)


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