1. Inspirational
  2. Educational
  3. Community Related


1/ Inspirational

It can be hard to stand out on a social media timeline that is refreshed and reorganized in real-time. Your followers will only engage with content that they feel personally connected to or inspired by, and so you want your brand personality to shine through every single post, picture sharing.

It’s also proven that inspirational content receives higher engagement on social media.


2/ Educational content

Educational content is a great way to build momentum on any platform when you’re just starting out. Information and data are very attractive to the audience on Twitter. There are many sources of data available on the Internet such as https://data.worldbank.org/ You can extract data related to your community.

Also, you can share how-to information and tips such as fund-raising tools and software.

3/ Community Related

You can showcase your community and showcase your community members on your social platforms. You can re-tweet the content that they’re posting on your platforms if it features your community.