Twitter has been a very powerful marketing with a lot of active users.

Twitter Statistics

  • Total Number of Monthly Active Twitter Users: 326 million  
  • Total Number of Tweets sent per Day: 500 million
  • Percentage of Twitter users on Mobile: 80%
  • Number of Twitter Daily Active Users: 100 million

 (Last updated: 6/24/18)

Here are some marketing strategies which can be used by non-profits:

1. Follow the discussions on Twitter and Participate Actively

Twitter is undoubtedly the best for discussion and a platform to stay informed. Keeping track of discussions and tweeting or participating in topics related to you as much as attention as you can. You can use Tweetdeck to keep track of trending hashtags and keep up with the conversion.

2. Go live with Live Video Tweets

Research supports the fact that 80% of the people who view a video on Twitter tend to remember it. Posting live video broadcasts can be the best way to make a real-time appearance on social media and to promote your brand.
Use relevant hashtags.

3. Use relevant hashtags to get good results

  • Some of the best 25 Hashtags to Get Likes on Twitter (in 2018)




  • Some of the best 25 Hashtags to get Retweets  (in 2018)




  • Some of the best 25 Hashtags to Get Replies on Twitter (in 2018)






In conclusion

Many non-profits both domestic in the US and also internationally have set up their Twitter accounts besides Facebook. However, a powerful social media platform like Twitter is still underutilized by many non-profits.