Xuan Yuan Education Fund Association (“The Association”) is a non-religious, non-partisan, non-profitable charity registered in Hong Kong (IRD reference number: 91/7201), with the aim of developing education in China, promoting Chinese culture to overseas, and strengthening China.

Our objective is to organize and mobilize domestic and overseas ethnic Chinese people to support the development of education in China by various means.The Association receives all-out support from authorities such as the Chinese People’s Political and Consultative Conference, the Chinese State Council’s Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, the Chinese Central Government Liaison Office in Hong Kong , and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government.Having launched numerous collaborative efforts with relevant agencies of local governments and non-government organizations in China , the Association not only provides bursaries, scholarships and teaching awards to schools in rural areas, but also facilitates exchanges among students and teachers from different parts of China .

The Association has so far made inspection tours to 25 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China , and found that many schools in China ’s rural areas are in urgent need for renovations. As at the end of 2013, the Association successfully translated its donations to renovation projects of188 schools across23 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions including Henan , Hunan , Gansu , Shandong and Xinjiang. We truly believe that education is the key to developing science and technology, narrowing the gap between China and developed nations, and making China prosperous and strong.