referral program

CharityiBonus offers a simple affiliate marketing opportunity (referral program) which gives you an attractive lifetime passive income without investment or hidden fees.

CharityiBonus is a travel cashback platform for non-profits. While the supporters of a non-profit make a booking from popular travel booking sites, the non-profit will earn cashback.

  • From US online travel statistics, the average person spends US$ 2,800 annually from online travel booking, the cashback of 3.5% will be about US$ 100.
  • As an affiliate marketer, you may earn up to US$ 80,000 annually if your recruited non-profit has over 10,000 active supporters.

Most non-profits are having difficulty in raising fund. If you know them, please help them out and also make a good passive income annually.


Join our affiliate marketing (referral program). 

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