Cheung Chau Wei Hoi Luk Association Joined CharityiBonus at the end of 2017.

The Cheung Chau Wei Hoi Luk Association was established in 1925. In the beginning, it was only possible to lease the Cheung Chau Street shop for the community. Up until 1980, the fellow countrymen collected and bought 15 Xinxing Street, Changzhou, which was registered as a registered society in the same year. In the early days of the site, Guan Di, Song Taizu and the Three Emperors were all enshrined. Chang Shilai, chairman of the Cheung Chau Wei Hoi Luk Association, has lived in Cheung Chau since his ancestors and has been working in the township for more than a decade. At that time, the township association had already celebrated the custom of the Northern Emperor’s birthday, but the form was relatively simple; the two danced Kirin, One person knocked on the cymbal and one went to the drum and went to Yuxu Palace to celebrate his birthday.

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