When it comes to charity fundraising platforms out there, the reality is that there are just as many good ones as there are bad ones. And, there is no doubt that when searching for a great charity fundraising platform, it’s important to ask yourself several different questions such as: does the platform have an easy-to-navigate and simple to understand website? Do the platform have a well-respected reputation with the public? Does the platform use all the latest technological concepts such as text and mobile donations? And, lastly, does the platform’s foundational values resonate right along with yours? Obtaining the answers to these questions is key, and will give you great insight into what charity fundraising platforms work best for your specific needs, wants, and purpose.

Here are the Top 5 Charity Fundraising Platforms:

1. CharityiBonus

charityibonus_logo_squareOne of the best charity fundraising platforms out there, CharityiBonus is changing the face of charity as we know it. It provides recurrent cashback from airline & hotel booking. There is no complicated signup, login, or password. It is done simply by posting a message on Twitter: @charityibonus #join. The system will create custom links to the top hotels and airlines booking sites such as Expedia.com, Hotels.com, Booking.com. By using these links, 1-5% cash back will be generated. Still relatively new but extremely effective, CharityiBonus began in June 2017 and has since seen great stride with a wide range of individuals who have over 10 million followers. The difference with CharityiBonus that the results clearly speak for themselves.

2. Qgiv 

QGIVIf you are looking for an easy and straightforward charity fundraising platform, then Qgiv is your preferred choice. Qgiv’s foundation resides in simplifying online fundraising. And, one of the main benefits of the platform is that it gives nonprofits the chance to use branded donation pages, as well as options for immediate donations through text or mobile device. Qgiv’s attractive user-interface also attracts donors and makes the entire giving process simple and as un-tedious as can be.

3. CrowdRise 

crowdriseWell known to many as a wonderful online charity fundraising platform, Crowdrise uses crowdsourcing to raise a lot of money for extremely worthwhile causes and charities. Founded in 2010, and headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, CrowdRise has quickly gained notoriety publically and privately for being one of the best online charity fundraising platforms out there. What makes this platform a cut above the rest is that its entire model is based on the idea that giving back should be fun, and that when giving back is fun, people are more apt to do it, and do it more often. To add on to the adage of treating charity as fun, this can be seen in many different aspects on the platform, especially in terms of the rewards point system that it employs.

4. Givlet 

givletPutting organization and analytics at a top priority, Givlet is a charity fundraising platform that uses real-world concepts in it’s donation based program. The difference with Givlet is that donors can track, note, and see their entire program with just the click of a button. The entire process that Givlet employs is extremely transparent and authentic, and that is what they do best, showcase accurate and real results. Givlet also puts relationships at a top priority, as well as cultivating and referencing what giving back is all about, which is essentially helping others in need as much as possible.

5. FundRazr 

FundrazrCo-developed with Paypal, FundRazr is a wonderful charity fundraising platform that is more of a crowdfunding platform than anything else. For donors on FundRazr, it is simple to create a crowdfunding campaign that uses the power of social media to open doors and gain awareness. And for nonprofits, FundRazr is easy to use and user-friendly, because it allows for their campaigns to be used as widgets on websites and blogs.